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Trying to Not Suck as a Human for a Decade

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Zeke Thomas and Christine is Lovely cruisin'.

This is what happens on cruises when you don’t drink.

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Not just historically, but also personally.  Today marks ten years that I have been sober.

10 years ago today I was at the absolute lowest point in my life. No putzing around and soft-shoeing around it. I was in rough shape. Today things are much different and that is a direct result of being continuously sober.

When the opportunity to get sober came about (read: a trip to the UCLA ER because of yet another grand mal seizure due to withdrawal from drugs and alcohol) I had a real choice in front of me: a) try a spiritual way of life that has worked for a number of people who had been in my exact position; or b) continue to face the personal hell that would probably end in death, jail, or if I was lucky, some form of institution.  To an addict/alcoholic like myself, this was a VERY tough choice. Through no small miracle I elected to choose the former rather than the latter.

The last decade has been filled with tremendous growth but sobriety does not guarantee happiness.  I’ve had incredible experiences that have shaped who I am. I’ve also had to endure some rather rough times as well, but regardless of the circumstances I had a chance to be present rather than retreating back to Drug-a-chussettes.

Early sobriety was almost as terrible as my last days drinking and using. It wasn’t until I took an active part in my sobriety was I able to enjoy the fact that I wasn’t fighting hangovers, trying to keep the plates spinning via lying, cheating, and stealing, and being a general fuckhead who was always looking out for myself. Just writing this I feel like I’m talking about another person.

Today my life is so full.  At times I want to burst  with the ridiculousness amount of gratitude I feel for everyone in my life.

Zeke Thomas and family (by choice).

It’s just a co-incidence that all my good friends happen to dress up like idiots

To my lover-face – Christine is Lovely – You’ve chosen to attach your covered wagon to this ridiculous little horse. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but your patience and love are unmatched. I love you.

My friends – Some of you don’t know  the person described above. I sincerely hope you never do.  He was a dick. Charming and charismatic,  but a people-pleasing dick.  I want to thank you for your support over the years. The “atta boy’s” and “keep it up’s” go a long way whether I want to admit it or not. The same goes for those with the tacit support of not inviting me to slippery places. Even ten years removed from my last drink, I can still romanticize the times when booze and drugs worked for me.

To my (current and past) fellow actors, writers, producers, business  associates, training partners, representatives, fans, and haters (Youtube and twitter trolls I see you . . .) – I thank you all. All your support has helped create this handsome (and humble!) creative spark plug who lives on the fringes of internet celebrity. Caralho!

If you’re struggling with substance abuse I encourage you to surrender. More than likely that house of cards is going to collapse.  Give up and join the winning side. For me, I’ve come to learn that it is much easier to stay sober than to get sober.

Via con dios,

– Zeke


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December 7, 2012 at 5:00 am

How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym and Find Internet Fame Overnight

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Sunday October 21st was just another day in the life a couple of guys who were looking to get a piece of the showbiz pie. We had an idea of what we wanted to shoot, but like any other shoot we ended up throwing the script out the window when we got there. An hour later we produced a clip that made us laugh. We uploaded the clip, hoped for the best, but forgot about it.

Monday morning at 73oam my phone would not stop ringing.  A friend mentioned we had made the front page of Reddit and were rising quickly.  So quickly that we hit viral status in 22 hours. Two days in we hit 2.5 million views. Three days in we hit 10 million and our view counter broke.


There is so much to share about this experience, but Jarrett and I and trying to prep for a number of shoots this week. We are also having to dot our I’s and cross our T’s in regards to  everything that comes along with sudden and unexpected internet fame.

Updates soon.

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October 28, 2012 at 3:29 pm

STF: Public Access “Lost” Promo

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Over the weekend I reached way back into the The Stranger Than Fiction Show vault and found this gem that was left on the cutting room floor.

Enjoy this “lost” promo for STF Public Access!

Truth be told, this was a one take wonder shot during another shoot. That might explain my homeless, less-than-camera-ready appearance.

“Like”and share our video and subscribe to our channel!

Written by ZekeIsAwesome

September 11, 2012 at 9:38 am

Oral Traditions: Story tellers at the LA Connection II – Near Death Experiences

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Oral Traditions: Storytellers at the LA Connection II - Near-Death Experiences

Time to get as close to death as possible (via a third party)

We’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! The LA Connection (13442 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423) has invited us back to perform another night of story telling August 25th at 7p.

The show’s theme will be . . . Near Death Experiences.

At the risk of tipping my hand too much I promise there will be car accidents, drownings, armed robberies, and probably at least one OD.

I will tackle hosting duties for the night with stories by Dallas James, Stevie Mack, Jarrett Sleeper, Ryan Kolbe, Robert Mitchell, and Danny Gonzalez. *Card subject to change without notice *

Tickets will be $5 door – red tickets will be accepted for this special event. *** Due to the selected theme, there is a good chance the material may skew a little blue, so keep the kids at home and be prepared for some jaw-dropping stories.

“Oral Traditions: Storytellers at the LA Connection” is an (almost) monthly show where comics tell true stories that they normally wouldn’t dare to tell in public. There is a good chance even their close friends don’t know the whole story. It will be honest, brutal, and probably funny.

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August 16, 2012 at 7:00 am

MyMusic Live! with Phoenyx

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MyMusic Live with Joe Hanson, Adam Acuragi, and Phoenyx

Check out Phoenyx doing their improv hair metal (acoustically) on MyMusic Live from last week.  The action gets going at about 11 minutes in but you can click on the annotations at the top of the clip to go straight to the two performance pieces. We took a web-based audience suggestion for both performances and even had their host Metal perform with us during the second one.

We asked the audience for both their second favorite day of the week and their favorite spicy food.  We chose “Wednesday Jalepenos” and Gunner and Chopper hit it out of the park.  Next we rolled the dice more than ever by having Metal improvise a song with us “5th Grade-Style”.  It had been years since Metal had been a part of our lives, but he clearly hadn’t missed a beat.

10 minutes and 11,000 comments later we were done and pleased to show a new audience our improv hair metal style.

Big ups to the Fine Brothers and the entire crew for putting up with the sequins and spandex that is Phoenyx.  You’re never sure how your ridiculousness will play with people who don’t know about improv (acoustic) hair metal, but they certainly embraced it.

Give us a thumbs up on Youtube, comment, and/repost!  Also a photo gallery is listed below that captured some the backstage shinanigans.

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July 24, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Oral Traditions: True Stories from Funny People

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If you majored in embarrassment in college and/or life this night is for you.

One night only! The LA Connection (13442 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423) will throw its hat into the storytelling ring with a unique one hour show where top level improv comics get to show another side of themselves.

“Oral Traditions: Storytellers at the LA Connection” is a show where comics tell true stories that they normally wouldn’t dare to tell in public. There is a good chance even their close friends don’t know the whole story. It will be honest, brutal, and probably funny.

The show’s theme will be . . . Embarrassing Moments.

I will tackle hosting duties for the inaugural show and feature Dallas James (“Halls” commercials), Tyler Jolley (“Thanks for Dying”), Sara Luka (“Tammi’s Tool Shed”), Chad Winkles (“Speeders”), and Danny Gonzalez (“Best Buy” commercials).

Tickets will be $5 door – red tickets will be accepted for this special event. *** Due to the selected theme, there is a good chance the material may skew a little blue, so keep the kids at home and be prepared for some jaw-dropping stories.

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June 21, 2012 at 12:22 pm

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New Video – Shit Improv Actors Say

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Here’s a little video I put together with the crew from The Stranger than Fiction Show.  We saw an already over-crowded marketplace and said,  “Me, Too!”

I really can’t get enough of these Shit X Says video despite the over-saturation of the market.

I’ve been performing improv comedy for over a decade starting at Boston College and ImprovBoston before coming to Hollywood and setting up shop with the LA Connection.

Share it with all your comic friends and have a laugh at niche comedy.

Blue Skies,

– Zeke

Written by ZekeIsAwesome

January 25, 2012 at 12:34 pm

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