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MyMusic Live! with Phoenyx

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MyMusic Live with Joe Hanson, Adam Acuragi, and Phoenyx

Check out Phoenyx doing their improv hair metal (acoustically) on MyMusic Live from last week.  The action gets going at about 11 minutes in but you can click on the annotations at the top of the clip to go straight to the two performance pieces. We took a web-based audience suggestion for both performances and even had their host Metal perform with us during the second one.

We asked the audience for both their second favorite day of the week and their favorite spicy food.  We chose “Wednesday Jalepenos” and Gunner and Chopper hit it out of the park.  Next we rolled the dice more than ever by having Metal improvise a song with us “5th Grade-Style”.  It had been years since Metal had been a part of our lives, but he clearly hadn’t missed a beat.

10 minutes and 11,000 comments later we were done and pleased to show a new audience our improv hair metal style.

Big ups to the Fine Brothers and the entire crew for putting up with the sequins and spandex that is Phoenyx.  You’re never sure how your ridiculousness will play with people who don’t know about improv (acoustic) hair metal, but they certainly embraced it.

Give us a thumbs up on Youtube, comment, and/repost!  Also a photo gallery is listed below that captured some the backstage shinanigans.


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July 24, 2012 at 5:56 pm

STF Public Access 12-17-10

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Chopper of Phoenyx re-caps this week’s Stranger than Fiction show that featured a foreskin convention, a gaggle of orphans, and a visit from our favorite pizza delivery guy. Check it out! Subscribe and “like” our videos and be sure to check out our website

Stay until the end for a special Christmas Easter egg.  I know it is Christmas . . . shut it.


Live Shows:

I’m wrapped for the year on live shows and will return to the business of show come January 7th. Time to go on a vision quest and figure it all out. Or take the cat to the vet and get a smog check.

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December 24, 2010 at 9:26 am

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