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Stranger than Fiction Public Access: Satan

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The Dark Emperor Satan takes over Stranger than Fiction Public Access and re-caps this week’s show that included the debut of the Alphabet team “The Thunder Horses of Destruction”, the many ways to die playing racquet ball, and Fiona’s opening of her own STF store.

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STF Public Access 3/25/11 – Shadow Puppet Dojo

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This week we step inside the elusive Shadow Puppet Dojo of the Stranger than Fiction Show. Dog, tells us about a run in with Bella from Twilight, Bird reminds us that God hates men who are born with out knees (since they can’t pray to him), and Rabbit discloses his thoughts on the secret lives of skittles.

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Live Shows:

After last weeks hummus drenched sold out show at the LA Connection, we’ll be back on stage doing our Stranger than Fiction thing the usual crew.  We might have some famous web-lebrities stop by and do a guest spot, but don’t hold me to anything just yet.  You may have to settle for version of “The Bachelor” featuring “the Kardashian sisters”.  It’s too early to tell but I see hairy things in my future.

Archived: Can you pull out the high end?: The Deathbox is a total loss

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Just got the word this morning from AAA (not to be confused with my friends in AA) that The bitchin’ 89 Camaro (aka The Deathbox) is a total loss. As a claimant, they’ll cut me a check and let me keep it as a salvage title. I’m not sure if its a sad day, just another reason to have some gratitude for my day job as a rent-a-car manager. I might have to go bury the car in the desert. Oh god, I hate when I get emotional . . . somebody say something . . . (cue stewie griffin) “And God said unto Abraham I am going to kill your son . . .”

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November 14, 2005 at 1:45 am

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