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Hitler and Eva Can’t Sleep – STF Public Access 1.30

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Sometimes I don’t know how our cameras get positioned where they do. And sometimes I only know how to end sentences in prepositions. But I do know a good Hitler joke when I see one.

The STF Public Access camera’s made their way into Hitler and Eva’s bedroom only to catch them fighting a bout of insomnia.  Hitler tells Eva a bedtime story that consists of Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, the nature of the NASCAR economy, and a tale of what happens when Starbucks runs out of coffee.

Did you know that Hitler sleeps with a German flag? I didn’t.

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The Kardashian’s Home videos:
Abe Lincoln:

The Cast:
Director – Zeke Thomas
Producer – Tyler Jolley
Producer – Dallas James (Hitler)
Producer – Chad Winkles
Actor – Karen Brundage
Actor – Dorian Lipman (Eva)
Actor -Sara Berger
Actor – Courtney Renee Fridley

Live Show update

I’ll be at my resident gig with The Stranger than Fiction Show tonight at the LA Connection at 9pm.  Word has it that Dallas James is back from his break and has been stockpiling comedy from across this great land. Me, I’m trying to get it out of me before I go camping next weekend. Tickets are still available for tonight’s show and I promise to incorporate more mid 90’s basketball stars into my opening.  Who doesn’t love a good Horace Grant reference, right?


STF Public Access 1-7-11 – Jesus

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Jesus from The Stranger than Fiction Show drops by to re-cap this week’s show that featured an Oprah ghost adventure give-a-way, a toe nail eating roommate and the greatest lesson of all. Check it out! Subscribe and “like” our videos and be sure to check out our website

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