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MyMusic Live! with Phoenyx

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MyMusic Live with Joe Hanson, Adam Acuragi, and Phoenyx

Check out Phoenyx doing their improv hair metal (acoustically) on MyMusic Live from last week.  The action gets going at about 11 minutes in but you can click on the annotations at the top of the clip to go straight to the two performance pieces. We took a web-based audience suggestion for both performances and even had their host Metal perform with us during the second one.

We asked the audience for both their second favorite day of the week and their favorite spicy food.  We chose “Wednesday Jalepenos” and Gunner and Chopper hit it out of the park.  Next we rolled the dice more than ever by having Metal improvise a song with us “5th Grade-Style”.  It had been years since Metal had been a part of our lives, but he clearly hadn’t missed a beat.

10 minutes and 11,000 comments later we were done and pleased to show a new audience our improv hair metal style.

Big ups to the Fine Brothers and the entire crew for putting up with the sequins and spandex that is Phoenyx.  You’re never sure how your ridiculousness will play with people who don’t know about improv (acoustic) hair metal, but they certainly embraced it.

Give us a thumbs up on Youtube, comment, and/repost!  Also a photo gallery is listed below that captured some the backstage shinanigans.


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July 24, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Stop! New Logo time!

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The outer limits of comedy

New Stranger than Fiction Show Logo - Made from 223% post-consumer waste

The Champ is here! The Champ is here!

We’ve been long overdue for a redesign of The Stranger than Fiction Show’s promo materials and we’re proud to show off the new look.  The new design comes from the mind of comedian/producer extraordinaire Glenn Takakjian and in corporates an homage to the classic tv show The Outer Limits.  Glenn is a dear, dear friend of the show and a frequent guest star of the Stranger than Fiction Show.

Live Shows:

I’ve got a couple of shows this week starting off with my regular gig on tonight March 18th with The Stranger than Fiction Show at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks, CA Not sure who’s stopping by the show but I’m sure we’re got some magic tucked away somewhere.  But if we run out, I got Charlie Sheen on speed dial and we might be able to tap into his finger supply.

Monday the 21st I’ll be performing with Phoenyx (you know . . . the band that tells you you’re never gonna die . . .) at “Laughs on Tap” at The White Harte Pub 22456 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA – “Laughs on Tap” is a night of stand-up and improv comedy at your local Woodland Hills watering hole with NO COVER! I know.  My mind was blown as well when I heard that. It will be my maiden voyage at Laughs on Tap (organized by Kaleena Massaker and it should provide you will some violent torpedoes of truth.

Or a death spell. A cocaine fueled death spell.

Enjoy your hang over, bitches.

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March 18, 2011 at 3:00 am

Yes, We Auto-tuned Helen Keller

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In another tale of the snake eating its own tail, The Stranger Than Fiction Show released “We Made the World” and included a nod to T-Pain by Auto-tuning one of history’s greatest enigmas . . . Helen Keller.

That’s right . . . Helen Keller.

It’s not for real unless you’ve been auto-tuned and Helen is now for real. Helen makes her first appearance around 1:44 and reappears in a duet with folk-rock superstar Bob Dylan at the 3:22 mark.

The video also include other historical notables such as Jesus Christ, Charlie Manson, and Genghis Khan just to name a few. There are too many historical stars to name in such a small space, but let’s just say Former American President Abraham Lincoln is well connected and was able to pull in some major talent from a variety of eras.

Subscribe, comment, and re-post to your hearts content.

Live Show update:

STF Bingo! returns on Friday September 3rd to the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Over the course of 90 minutes The STF crew (along with a very lucky audience member) will try to hit our first bingo with a special prize for our audience.  We’ve come very close over the last couple of bingo nights, but we’ve yet to hit it.  I have a good feeling about this weekend.  It’s gonna be our night.

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August 31, 2010 at 8:02 pm

The Stranger Than Fiction Show at the Comedy Store 8/25/10

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Phoenyx rockin the Comedy Store

Phoenyx rockin the Comedy Store

What’s up my babies?  Just wanted to drop a quick note about The Stranger than Fiction Show invading the Main Room of the Comedy Store tomorrow (August 25th, 2010). The STF crew will do what we do best and bring the funny.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), I’ve had to pull out of the gig since I’ll be out-of-town working on another project.  It’s a big one and I’m psyched to be working on such a big project and hopefully “leveling up”.  Shout out to casting director Bonnie Gillespie for adding that term to my vernacular.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the crew doesn’t want your support! Show ’em some love when they hit the stage at 9:30pm.

In other news,  you may have noticed the new look of the blog and the increased functionality.  Lord knows it’s helped my eyes and I think it actually lends itself to readability. And at the end of the day isn’t that what it’s really all about?

I’ve also been on a tear recently by refreshing — but I’ll put out another post when we’re out of beta.

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August 24, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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Annoying Neighbors

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We’ve all had them.  They come in all shapes and sizes and bring a wealth of diversity and idiosyncrasies to the community.  Since moving to Venice I’ve had a few choice neighbors already. Here are my top three starting from the bottom working my way up:

Number 3) The meth-head who plays guitar for hours on end, playing the same pentatonic scales in between fits of yelling at the television. This guy is not only annoying, but he also brings an element of danger to the table.  Don’t get me wrong, I love blues inspired pentatonics and they are every guitar player’s bread and butter.  However, After hour four of the 12 bar blues in the key of A, I’m about ready to take my own life.  Save the fact that baseball season is ramping up and my only reprieve will be his random screams of agony as Manny goes down swinging with the bases juiced.  As a side note this neighbor may have allegedly accidentally discharged his shotgun in to the skull of a neighbor he was having an argument with.  I could devote an entire blog to this incident.

Number 2) The coked out sex fiend who nails skanks through out all hours of the day and night. Whoa! Hold on there Zeke! Why are you hating on a guy who’s getting his grove on?  You should be happy for him, right?  Wrong.  At some point I need to sleep, write, and masturbate and I sure as hell can’t do that while I have Ron Jeremy banging it out at all hours of the night.  Wait, I guess I could masturbate . . .

Number 1) The guy who sub-lets a sub-let from a friend of the guy who’s sub-let the sub-let and enjoys house music. This guys is perhaps the worst offender of all since he doesn’t belong there in the first place.  Forget about his crappy choice in music for a second.  He hasn’t been pre-screened and more importantly sub-lets usually attract the dregs of society.  I can’t remember the last time Thurston Howell the 3rd (much less his half-brother Graham Wellington) was looking for a sub-let for the summer, but I can tell you its not on his bucket list.

However, none of these compare to the neighbor that the Stranger than Fiction Show deals with in the embedded clip.  Check it out and share it with your friends.

This week’s shows

I will be performing twice this week with The Stranger Than Fiction Show.  Wednesday night March 31st, I’ll be at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA.    It will be a night of improv comedy with some of the top improvisers from The LA Connection Comedy Theater.  I go on a 945pm with the STF crew.

Friday night April 2nd The Stranger than Fiction Show heads over the hill to our home theater, the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks, CA.  As usual, we will be doing 90 minutes of our own brand of improv comedy starting at 9pm.  This show will feature our newest addition to the show, STF Bingo!  E-mail me at for details on either show.

Archived: Better Living through Piracy

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This past month or so has been filled with celebrations.  3 year sober anniversary, 27th birthday, and 2 years with Christine.  However, none of it really compares to my odd obsession with pirate culture and the party that will take place on Sunday.

I believe my obsession all started based off of an improv scene with Joaquin Garay III about 4 years ago.  I’m not sure how it took off, but the idea has been a constant theme in my life.  A couple years later we did a long form show piece called “Comedia del Pirate School” (based off of the long form game “Comedia del High School” where all the action takes place with the realm of a high school) that was a stroke of improv genius that somehow tied a star football quarterback with peg arms to an illicit affair between a parrot and vice-principle.  Somewhere along the line we tied in the prom there of “these are the days”. But I digress . . . the point is, is that pirate’s continuously seem to re-appear in my life.

Christine has been kind enough to indulge my mild pirate obsession by facilitating a trip to Pirate’s dinner adventure.  Rarely am I this excited about an event.  That’s right.  I called it an event.  Some may pooh pooh it dinner theatre, but I believe this is one of the great ideas I wish I had got around to doing.  I swear my friends and I had the idea for a pirate themed medieval times when we sitting about partying coming up with the next big idea.  I guess there is something to be said about the debilitating effects of the ganj and initiating gross motor skill.

Pirate’s dinner adventure sound like the greatest idea I’ve heard in a while, but my only fear is that they don’t fully commit to the absurdity of it.  I’ll report back when after Sunday. My lunch is waiting me I better eat it soon.  Everyone knows that roast beef from “AAAAArrrrrghby’s” isn’t any good after it cools down.

ex-grog slogger,


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