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STF Public Access 3/25/11 – Shadow Puppet Dojo

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This week we step inside the elusive Shadow Puppet Dojo of the Stranger than Fiction Show. Dog, tells us about a run in with Bella from Twilight, Bird reminds us that God hates men who are born with out knees (since they can’t pray to him), and Rabbit discloses his thoughts on the secret lives of skittles.

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Live Shows:

After last weeks hummus drenched sold out show at the LA Connection, we’ll be back on stage doing our Stranger than Fiction thing the usual crew.  We might have some famous web-lebrities stop by and do a guest spot, but don’t hold me to anything just yet.  You may have to settle for version of “The Bachelor” featuring “the Kardashian sisters”.  It’s too early to tell but I see hairy things in my future.


STF Public Access 3-18-11 – Hazel the Chicken

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This week’s video post features someone of biblical proportions.

Adam (Adam and Eve) and Death re-cap this week’s Stranger than Fiction Show that featured the untimely death of our favorite chicken, Hazel. ; Hazel was able to teach us some important life lessons before she passed including how to turn a baby into a squirt gun, the fact that you cannot take Kool-aid in to outer space, and that chickens really are in the Matrix.

Find out how she was able to live her life like Vin Diesel and how dipping sauces are a metaphor for life.

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Live Show update:

This week’s live Stranger than Fiction Show is already sold out! No, this is not an April fools day joke.

I love it when corporate gigs end up being repeat gigs. Be it Chatsworth High School Cheerleaders, Sony Digital Entertainment, or your local chapter of your favorite Armenian Business fraternity. They all know a great show when they see one. Next show will be April 8th at the LA Connection where everyday is a freakin’ holiday. Hoo-rah!

STF Public Access – The Ides of March

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Thursday means new video Monday from me and the Stranger than Fiction Show.  Yes you read that correctly.

Thursday = Monday.

Back to the video: I’m constantly amazed by home resilient Julius Caesar is to sharp force trauma, but the guy could survive a prison yard shanking like no other. I wish Karen would be more aware of what’s going on around her.

Live Show:

Monday night’s Phoenyx gig at Laughs on Tap was a whole lot of fun and a reminder that bar-prov has a blue-ish hue that is sometimes missing from a comedy theater audience.  For example, the closing song (based on audience suggestion) was “F.U.P.A” – Yes, you’re reading that correctly. For those of you playing at home FUPA is a Gary Busey-ism for Fat – Upper -Pussy – Area.

This week I’ll be performing my regular gig with The Stranger than Fiction Show at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks. 9pm start time and a full 90 minutes flop-sweating hilarity.

Come on down and enjoy a good laugh.

Written by ZekeIsAwesome

March 24, 2011 at 3:00 am

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