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Stranger than Fiction Public Access: Satan

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The Dark Emperor Satan takes over Stranger than Fiction Public Access and re-caps this week’s show that included the debut of the Alphabet team “The Thunder Horses of Destruction”, the many ways to die playing racquet ball, and Fiona’s opening of her own STF store.

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TMZ at The Stranger than Fiction Show

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I guess this is what they call leveling up! TMZ cameras were outside of The Stranger than Fiction Show this week and caught Karen Brundage (Criminal Minds) leaving the LA Connection. Looks like TMZ helped Karen discover the mysteries of the Orient and educate her about Jersey Shore and STD’s.

Comedy Store mofos!

I’ll be at the Comedy Store on Wednesday night in the Main Room with The Stranger than Fiction Show. Musical improv comedy act Phoenyx will rock the house for the duration of the set. Social network me for 1/2 price tickets. The list closes at 3pm on Wednesday and hopefully I’ll get some blue Monster Energy drink in my system before we go on at 9:30pm.  Get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by ZekeIsAwesome

February 15, 2011 at 4:00 am

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