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And so it all begins . . .

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Years ago when the whole internet blog thing started to take off I was mildly insulted when I saw friends posting their inner most thoughts and opinions on the web.  My initial reaction was “who the f— are you and why do you think you so are so important?!?!”  It was a visceral reaction.  Deep in my heart I knew that “blogging” was a fleeting idea that would soon go away like the old BBS’s and the Dancing Baby’s of the world.  Today, I realize that I was wrong.  Really wrong.

I can count on one hand the number of blog posts I had on myspace over the 4 years or so I was an active member.  They all had to do with major events in my life that people who knew me might find interesting like my first network national ad or the time my truck was stolen while I was surfing. Perhaps it was my years of journalism training in high school or my left leaning political ideas that brainwashed me into thinking that if I am ever privileged enough to have a platform to voice my opinion, it better be something worthwhile.

Think about it, not all that long ago very few people had access to the media.  The barriers to entry were enormous and numerous people had to vet both the author and the story.  Prior to 2002, where could you go and have more than your immediate family listen to your crackpot theories on the faking of the moon landing?  You could write a letter to the editor or your local paper, right?  Perhaps you could call in to a conservative AM talk show? Maybe you could go down to the Venice boardwalk and tell tourists about how the Bavarian Illuminati has taken over the money supply since we’ve switched over from the gold standard?  Any way you cut it, your choices were limited.

We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes

Then somewhere around the middle of the last decade, the big democratization of the media occurs and all of a sudden viral video and blogs start cropping up.  This was a game changer.  Anyone and everyone had a chance to sound off in cyberspace.  Our tolerance for low production value videos and poorly designed websites has waned a little, but ultimately these mediums have taken off in ways we couldn’t have fathomed.

My favorite part in all of this: I can cyber-stalk everyone before I meet them face to face. You can find basic info on pretty much anyone these days and I love it.  But then it gets better!  Some people go the extra mile and post their journal online.  I love the fact that a lot of people are narcissistic enough to publish intimate details of their life in a digital diary format and do not expect repercussions of their actions.

The same thing goes for pictures.  Remember guys, when you put something in a digital form, it lives forever.  Remember those digital pictures your girlfriend took of you getting out of the shower?  It was all fun and games at the time, but now it can live in infamy courtesy of e-mail distribution lists and social networking services.

Even today, if someone asks my opinion about someone or about one of their projects, I am loath to respond by e-mail.  Phone calls were my preferred method of dealing with off-the-record conversations, but now with technology progressing as quickly as it has, I can now get a fairly accurate digital transcription of voice-mail messages courtesy of Google Voice.  That is some scary stuff.

Perhaps this larger digital footprint may remind me that I really shouldn’t take myself too seriously . . . ever.  If photos from way-back-when and out of context comments have a way of resurfacing then I need to remember that I’m not saving the world and I’m just a ridiculous, silly man who’s attempting to join an already over-crowded market place.

Hopefully, this blog make you laugh. Maybe it will make you think.  But more than likely it will probably just plug one of my projects or talk about how cute my kitty cats are. Yes, I said kitty cats. And yes I’m still a ridiculous, silly man.


Written by ZekeIsAwesome

October 8, 2009 at 8:51 pm

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