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The Stranger than Fiction Show: Mother’s Day

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The Stranger than Fictions Show’s mother records her own video re-cap of last week’s show. ; Of course she invited herself, since she no one picked up the phone to call her . . . well you know the rest. This week’s show included an all lady dance-off and a drop in from world-famous singer Christina Aguilera.

Your mother was not impressed.

Check out for more video and live show info.

Live Show Update:

This week’s show at the LA Connection has a couple of high-profile guests that we’ve never had before. We’ve been getting rowdy and the neighbors are pissed.  I’m not helping the situation at all.  In fact I’ve been antagonizing them more and more.  I think things are coming to a head tonight at 9pm. for details.


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May 20, 2011 at 8:43 am

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