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Stranger than Fiction Public Access: The Princess Diary

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Fresh off her wedding on Friday Morning, Kate Middleton offers us a peak into her life with the premiere episode of the Princess Diary. ; In her vlog we learn about her night at the Stranger than Fiction Show complete with insights about Winger, Magic Mountain, and Sesame Street. Looks like it is rogaine for everyone. Subscribe to our channel or check out for live show info.

Live Show update:

I’ll at the LA Connection on Friday night for my regular gig with The Stranger than Fiction Show – This week’s special guests have rumored to be everyone’s mom . . . Well maybe my mom . . . if we could re-animate her . . . and have Chad play her on stage.  It’s clearly a developing story.

The other big news involves my friends over at Red Bull . . . but we’ll just have to leave it at that.  * You see kid, that’s what we in ‘the business’ call a teaser!*

More info tomorrow!


Written by ZekeIsAwesome

May 4, 2011 at 6:00 am

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