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STF Public Access – The Ides of March

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Thursday means new video Monday from me and the Stranger than Fiction Show.  Yes you read that correctly.

Thursday = Monday.

Back to the video: I’m constantly amazed by home resilient Julius Caesar is to sharp force trauma, but the guy could survive a prison yard shanking like no other. I wish Karen would be more aware of what’s going on around her.

Live Show:

Monday night’s Phoenyx gig at Laughs on Tap was a whole lot of fun and a reminder that bar-prov has a blue-ish hue that is sometimes missing from a comedy theater audience.  For example, the closing song (based on audience suggestion) was “F.U.P.A” – Yes, you’re reading that correctly. For those of you playing at home FUPA is a Gary Busey-ism for Fat – Upper -Pussy – Area.

This week I’ll be performing my regular gig with The Stranger than Fiction Show at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks. 9pm start time and a full 90 minutes flop-sweating hilarity.

Come on down and enjoy a good laugh.


Written by ZekeIsAwesome

March 24, 2011 at 3:00 am

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