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STF Public Access 3/5/11 – “Charlie Sheen”

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This week’s STF Public Access show gets hijacked by none other than “Charlie Sheen“. Charlie’s massive media tour has taken him everywhere and The Stranger than Fiction live show was one of friday’s stops.  How does Charlie really feel about Chad claiming that he killed Charlie Sheen with a stick. Does Tyler have a gay evil twin named Victor who’s out to destroy him?  Find out during a hard hitting interview with “Charlie Sheen.”

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Live Show Update:

The Stranger than Fiction Show will be performing as part of our regular gig at the LA Connection this Friday night March 12th at 9pm. Check out the wakkadocious nature of our group and you’ll never be sure who will stop by the show and perform.  Check out for more details.


Written by ZekeIsAwesome

March 9, 2011 at 11:22 am

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