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STF Public Access 2/25/11 – Black Swan (LA Theater Edition)

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Dallas James takes in some local LA theatre as he re-caps this week’s Stranger than Fiction show that featured a drop in by Boba Fett, the eviction of a naked dancer, and another entry of the Toilet Paper Diaries. – Does Jim really like ballet? Is performance art really art? Will he share that cherry pie?

Find out on this week’s episode of STF Public Access.  Oh and before I forget . . . Subscribe to the STF Public Access Channel. Or better yet.  How about this blog? Right? Right.

1 Year Anniversary of STF Bingo:

It is true! What started off as a way to utilize a discarded Bingo Ball picker and a white board that was locked away in a Van Nuys apartment storage closet turned into a special night comedy. The monthly STF Bingo night has been a staple of The Stranger than Fiction Show over the last 12 months and we plan on keeping the tradition alive.  From the mind of Dallas James (God, that sounds just as Douchey as “From the Mind of Ashton Kutcher” but credit is due to Dallas) came STF Bingo where we thrown away any concept of a line up and allow an audience member to pick bingo balls that correspond to various improv games on the board. It really is luck of the draw as to what we are going to play on any particular night.  Should we get a bingo the entire audience wins a prize (don’t worry, we’ll cover the tax on the prize unlike that bitch Oprah) and we will have a 5 minute dance party complete with doe-eyed dancing girls and glow sticks.

Show starts at 9pm at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks. For more info and tickets check out the Stranger than Fiction Show Website at

See you tonight my babies!


Written by ZekeIsAwesome

March 4, 2011 at 9:40 am

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