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This past month or so has been filled with celebrations.  3 year sober anniversary, 27th birthday, and 2 years with Christine.  However, none of it really compares to my odd obsession with pirate culture and the party that will take place on Sunday.

I believe my obsession all started based off of an improv scene with Joaquin Garay III about 4 years ago.  I’m not sure how it took off, but the idea has been a constant theme in my life.  A couple years later we did a long form show piece called “Comedia del Pirate School” (based off of the long form game “Comedia del High School” where all the action takes place with the realm of a high school) that was a stroke of improv genius that somehow tied a star football quarterback with peg arms to an illicit affair between a parrot and vice-principle.  Somewhere along the line we tied in the prom there of “these are the days”. But I digress . . . the point is, is that pirate’s continuously seem to re-appear in my life.

Christine has been kind enough to indulge my mild pirate obsession by facilitating a trip to Pirate’s dinner adventure.  Rarely am I this excited about an event.  That’s right.  I called it an event.  Some may pooh pooh it dinner theatre, but I believe this is one of the great ideas I wish I had got around to doing.  I swear my friends and I had the idea for a pirate themed medieval times when we sitting about partying coming up with the next big idea.  I guess there is something to be said about the debilitating effects of the ganj and initiating gross motor skill.

Pirate’s dinner adventure sound like the greatest idea I’ve heard in a while, but my only fear is that they don’t fully commit to the absurdity of it.  I’ll report back when after Sunday. My lunch is waiting me I better eat it soon.  Everyone knows that roast beef from “AAAAArrrrrghby’s” isn’t any good after it cools down.

ex-grog slogger,



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